Research lines


  • Research Line 1 - Metabolic Biochemistry

    Studies of cell metabolism with emphasis on mitochondrial bioenergetics, redox processes, intracellular signaling pathways, in the absence or presence of xenobiotics. Pharmacological biochemistry. Study of biological oxidations in mitochondria isolated from animal tissues.
    Molecular bases of hepatic metabolic diseases.

  • Research Line 2 - Plant Biochemistry

    Allelopathy. Study of biological oxidations in mitochondria isolated from plant tissues. Secondary metabolism in plants. Nitrogen metabolism. Plant biomass saccharification.
    Agrochemicals prospecting. Phytotoxicity of nanoparticles in plants. Weed biochemistry. Biological activity of natural products from plants.

  •  Research Line 3 - Food Biochemistry

    Enzymes and microorganisms of industrial relevance. Production of unconventional sugars by biotechnological processes. Mycotoxin-producing fungi in food. Functional foods. Antioxidants. Inhibitors of digestive enzymes.

  • Research Line 4 - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

    Bioinformatics applied to the prospecting of genes of biotechnological interest. Biotechnological products and processes. Molecular biotechnology. Biotechnology of microorganisms. Production, characterization, purification and improvement of proteins, enzymes and other molecules of biotechnological relevance. Molecular identification of microorganisms. Studies of the action of biologically active natural and synthetic products on microorganisms.